Where are my pictures and videos stored?

All images and videos taken with the SmartMicroScope are stored on your computer.  You can find the location by selecting Video Setup (gear icon on the toolbar).  Under the “File” the video and image locations are listed separately.  If you wish to change the location, select JPG or AVI and navigate to the location you would like your images or videos stored. Click HERE to view Step by Step Instructions


Why does the image look blue?

The camera module auto-corrects for lighting conditions.  If your image is blue, focus the SmartMicroScope on a white piece of paper and then move back to the original sample.  You can also adjust color within the SmartMicroScope Viewer software by selecting Video Quality (camera with gear icon on the far right on the toolbar).


Why do I have a black screen?  Why are my LED lights not on?

If you have no image and your LED lights are not on, first try to adjust the lighting by moving the light control dial on the SmartMicroScope. 


How do I know the magnification?  Is it 10x, 50x, or 100x?

The magnification is determined by the distance an object is from the tip of the SmartMicroScope.  See the magnification guide HERE for help.


How do I get to 200x magnification?

To get to 200x, simply place the SmartMicroScope on the object (touching the object) and begin with the focus dial turned all the way to the right.  Slowly turn to the left until the object comes into focus.  This is at 100x magnification.  Continue to turn to the left until it comes into focus a second time.  This is at 200x magnification.  Note:  The item will only come into focus a second time if you are touching the object with the SmartMicroScope.


What do I do if one of my LED bulbs is not working?

If one or more of the LED bulbs is out on your SmartMicroScope, simply give us a call.  We stand firmly behind our products and will be happy to repair or replace it.


Is my SmartMicroScope waterproof?

No, the SmartMicroScope is not waterproof.  The clear plastic tip can get wet and then removed for cleaning, though.


How do I clean my SmartMicroScope?

Please see the SmartMicroScope Care instructions HERE.

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