Do you have to have WiFi to use the SmartMicroScope iGo2?

No, The SmartMicroScope iGo2 comes installed with it’s own Wifi connections.  Download the WiViewer from the App Store.  After download you will need to go into your settings and choose the WiViewer 0913 as your WiFi setting.   See Start-up Instructions HERE


Where are my pictures and videos stored?

All images and videos taken with the SmartMicroScope iGo2 are stored on your Android or Tablet device.  You can find your pictures by selecting the Photos or Camera roll tap.  To view your videos click play within the applications and your videos will be listed by according to the last video you took.


Why does the image look blue?

The camera module auto-corrects for lighting conditions.  If your image is blue, focus the SmartMicroScope iGo2 on a white piece of paper and then move back to the original sample.  You can also adjust the lighting by moving the dial on the backside of the handle up or down to fit your needs.


Why do I have a black screen?  Why are my LED lights not on?

If you have no image and your LED lights are not on, first try to adjust the lighting by moving the light control dial on the SmartMicroScope iGo2. 


How do I know the magnification? 

The magnification is up to 200x determined by the size of your screen.   Generally, your magnification on a iPad will be 80x. 


What do I do if one of my LED bulbs is not working?

If one or more of the LED bulbs is out on your SmartMicroScope iGo2, simply give us a call.  Stand firmly behind our products and will be happy to repair or replace it.


Is my SmartMicroScope iGo2 waterproof?

No, the SmartMicroScope iGo2 is not waterproof.  The clear plastic tip can get wet and then removed for cleaning.


How do I clean my SmartMicroScope iGo2?

Please see the SmartMicroScope Care instructions HERE.





Compatible Host Devices:   Apple iOS devices (iOS 4.1 and up)/ Android devices (OS 2.3 and up) INCLUDING: Android Tablets, Android phones, iPad iPod Touch and iPhones

SmartMicroScope iGo2