Science at Work - Datalogger Activities

Investigations written specifically to engage students with hands-on activities using the EasySense Datalogger and sensors.    

Real Data.  Real Science.  Real Results.  

These 29 experiments are written to address science contents standard at the High School Level and include Teacher and Student handouts for each investigation.


  • Why 30 mph? 
  • Why do bulbs blow as you turn them on? 
  • Not only exercise excites the heart? 
  • Is cool best? 
  • Make a safer car? 
  • Why does my MP3 music sound scratchy? 
  • Why insulate houses? 
  • Food as fuel 
  • How much grip does my trainer give? 
  • Should I wear light coloured clothing in the summer to keep cool? 
  • Measuring temperature without touching 
  • Residual heat: Thermal imaging 
  • Hot stuff! – mapping your face 
  • Residual heat: Finding where a natural disaster victim is buried 
  • How tall am I? 
  • How does pressure change with depth? 
  • How deep is my pond? 
  • Reaction Times 
  • Does using a mobile really distract me? 
  • Hit the brakes! 
  • How good is my suntan cream? 
  • Walk this way! 
  • Speed trap 
  • Long wires, less power? 
  • A model of the greenhouse effect 
  • Volts from wind? 
  • Making electricity from sunlight 
  • How hot does the water get from the sun? 
  • How hot can water get? 
  • A womb with a view – a quick scan 
  • A womb with a view – getting the picture


This resource is used with the following Dataloggers:





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